Invoice and Statement E-Delivery & Financial CRM

coAction offers a complete solution to send invoices, statements, payment notifications and receipts to your customers. coAction automates deliveries through a rules-based email engine with an integrated link to a customer portal. coAction customers have achieved up to 100% reduction in printing & mailing costs and a reduction in DSO along with increased digital “stickiness” of the customer using an integrated Financial CRM platform

Rules based Workflow

coAction features a rules-based workflow engine to automate the delivery of emails to the proper cont act(s) at the customer account based on defined criteria. Emails are sent in well-formatted templates that merge details of the account and transaction with either consolidated or separate PDF copies of invoices and statements. Rules can be set on various attributes of both the account and invoice. Scheduled deliveries can be made daily, weekly, monthly or on-demand based on rules.

Invoice and Statement Templates

coAction has an advanced templating engine to format invoices and statements as desired. The electronic PDF can be a replica of a paper statement or a standalone design. Custom bill messages can be inserted to promote campaigns or provide news updates. Rules-based logos and other branding changes can be done. Alternatively, coAction can send a copy of the original document as provided by existing internal systems.

Customer Portal

Electronic deliveries can be linked to a custom branded Financial CRM portal, where customers can perform a variety of actions such as


Contact Management

coAction offers a complete integrated contact management system. Emails can be sent to types of contact, titles, or defaults can be set. Specific contacts can be opted-out to suppress automated emails. The emails are sent from your domain name and even down to your assigned credit or sales representative with custom signatures making the email highly personalized.

Automated Merges

Customers receive a single email even if there are hundreds of invoices to be sent. Invoice images can be merged into a single PDF to optimize the communication channel.

Automated Enrollment

Electronic delivery with a link back to the portal promotes digitization and increases the use of the self service portal thereby reducing costs, increasing customer “stickiness “ and improving sales due to integration with eCommerce portals

Auditing & Tracking

Every email sent is logged in coAction. The system provides complete auditing of deliveries made to track who received it, when, and whether it was read. Track email outcomes such as whether users sent a query, made a payment or even whether someone logged in to the portal and viewed which invoice.

Customer Analytics & Reporting

coAction provides dashboards and reports for how many e-deliveries were made from the portfolio of accounts and invoices. Track delivery success, opt-out metrics, number of invoice views, how many payments were made using the online portal, etc.

Error Handling

Unsuccessful deliveries are tracked in coAction and also routed to an email box where these errors can be tracked. The errors can be quickly rectified and the deliveries resumed, increasing delivery hit rates.

Management Tools

Visual, easy to use tools to format email, invoice and account templates, configure workflow, update contacts, etc. can be managed by business users themselves.


Much more can be accomplished with configuration to govern the behavior of the electronic delivery platform. Deliveries can be timed, scheduled, or respond to specific conditions. Exception rules can be added based on account and invoice attributes.

Compelling Benefits

coAction customers have converted to 100% electronic delivery and payments. This has significantly reduced invoice and statement delivery costs, reduced payment processing costs, decreased credit card and banking fees as well as cash application costs. There is an impact on cash with a reduction in DSO and customers are now on a digital interaction platform with your finance CRM portal on a device of their choice through a rich web interface or a mobile web app.